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International Programs

Contact Us

Ms. Williams

Ms. Kristin Williams

Position: Interim Executive Director of Admissions
Office: University Hall 147
Phone: 706-507-8800

Ms. Crane

Ms. Janet Crane

Position: International Student and Scholar Coordinator
Office: Center for International Education 119
Phone: 706-565-4037

Mr. Edmunds

Mr. Mathew Edmunds

Position: Senior Admission Counselor
Office: University Hall 105-4
Phone: 706-507-8800

Ms. Hill

Ms. Tiffany Hill

Position: International Admission Counselor
Office: University Hall 115
Phone: 706-507-8800

If you will be attending the English Language Institute you may also contact:

Mr. Todt

Mr. Ryan Todt

Position: Program Coordinator
Office: Turner Center
Phone: 706-507-8338