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International Programs

Orientation & Immigration Requirements

Several students gathered at tables for an orientation event

Orientation is MANDATORY for all incoming International Students. The orientation fee is $100 and this fee covers the cost of meals, airport shuttle to Columbus, activities and transportation during orientation.

International Student Orientation will be held Thursday and Friday, August 12th and 13th, 2021.

We will have some other activities that will be determined between now and August.

A full schedule will be emailed directly to incoming students.

Orientation will be held in Schuster 130. Please review the campus map for location.

There will be no individual make up sessions or questions answered individually by e-mail that are covered during orientation sessions.

Sign up for International Orientation

Orientation Fees

$100 - includes shuttle service from Atlanta to Columbus campus, orientation meals, transportation and activities during orientation - payment must be made no later than Monday August 1st, 2021 to guarantee a shuttle reservation. Your reservation will be made for your shuttle and a confirmation will be emailed to you.  We use a third-party shuttle company called Groome.

Please note that the Groome shuttle will only provide drop off service to one central spot on each campus location (main campus and downtown campus). If you are going to an off campus address you will need to make arrangements to be picked up from the Groome shuttle office. You can request a cab or Uber from the office. If you have housing arrangements within walking distance of campus you can be dropped off at the pre-set campus location. The shuttle will drop off at a few local hotels.

$50 - includes only orientation meals, transportation during orientation and activities - if you choose to only pay $50 you must make you own arrangements for the shuttle service and pay them directly.

Make a Groome Reservation

If you do not make reservations for the shuttle through Columbus State or through the reservation system you can still catch the shuttle in Atlanta however you will have to wait until they have an available seat and will need to be prepared to pay for your service. RESERVATIONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ESPECIALLY WITH THE COVID PANDEMIC IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE A RIDE WILL BE AVAILABLE.

Pay Orientation Fee

If you are paying from a us bank, do not use Flywire - please email and I will provide instructions on how to make the payment.

If you do not need a shuttle ride you may bring correct cash payment the day of orientation.

The following documents must be uploaded to Admissions to verify your legal entry into the United States. You MUST submit these documents along with additional documents completed during orientation to complete your immigration file. This must be done by Tuesday, August 31st, 2021.

Document Upload

  • I-94 - You can obtain this from the I-94 Travel Records for U.S. Visitors website
    You should also keep a copy of this document with your I-20 - this verifies your legal entry in to the US and you will need this for various things
  • I-20 or DS-2019 - please provide a PDF of your I-20 with your signature on it - read page 3 before signing Always keep your original I-2o's in a protected place
  • F1 or J1 Visa - please provide a PDF copy of your approved Visa

Link to submit documents: Upload Admission Documents