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Traveling to Columbus State

To find the Groome shuttle:

After landing, clearing customs, and getting your luggage then you must exit the international terminal and locate the shuttle to "Domestic terminal" (be sure you don't get on the shuttle to rental cars or terminal parking...which are both separate shuttles). This shuttle will take you 15 minutes to arrive at the old terminal and they will drop you directly at the Ground transportation hub.

Groome Transportation's pick-up is located on the Green Row in the non-metro/shared ride pick-up area. Just follow the signs to the Green Row. It is the first row you come to after crossing the drive.

They will pull into one of the spaces numbered 12 thru 15. Groome shuttles to various locations share these spaces, so be sure to get on the correct van.

Information: call 1-800-584-6735 or visit their website at:

Make sure that you have the address for your dorm. The Groome driver will bring you to their office first but can bring you to campus if you let them know.

Instructions for navigating the International Airport Terminal at the Atlanta, Georgia airport.

Describes how to catch the Groome shuttle to Columbus, Georgia from the Atlanta airport.